Murder Suspect Going On Trial

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Kelvin Bates is accused of killing Micah Arnold and trying to kill another man. For Arnold's brother Floyd and others it was an emotional day in court.

"It's really hard for us, the family to have to deal with this," said Floyd Arnold, Micah's older brother. "We see his kids on a regular basis, to have to explain to them what happened to their father over something senseless."

Micah's three children are eight, seven and five. The shootings are the result of a fight over cleaning up a broken beer bottle. Witnesses say Bates shot Micah Arnold from point blank range, at least five times.

"He let it off in his neck, then he shot him another time," said Machelle Dorris, a victim's sister. "Then he tried my brother. When he went down on the ground, and then he just let the bullets off in his stomach."

Dorris was with Micah Arnold the day he died.

"He asked me to save his life. That's the last words that he said," Dorris said.

Arnold's brother is disappointed Kelvin Bates showed little, if any remorse in the courtroom Thursday.

"Actions speak louder than words. Even in the courtroom, you can tell that, I don't know, it's like it's a game to him or something you know. I just don't understand," said Floyd Arnold.

Bates faces murder and intent to murder charges as well as three other felonies. His family declined to be interviewed when they found out they wouldn't be paid to go on camera.

"It's a tough case. I mean, you heard the evidence," said William Hankins, Bates' attorney. "There's some conflicting testimony and we will have to look into the conflicting testimony and get a transcript and see what happens."

The Arnold family hopes Bates will be found guilty as charged.

"That would be a chapter in a very bad book closed," said Floyd Arnold.

But guilty or not, nothing will bring Micah Arnold back.

Bates faces life in prison if he's convicted. His Circuit Court arraignment is set for October 17.

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