Murder Suspect Arrested in Crispell Lake Case

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It began early Saturday morning, at a boat launch on Jackson County's Crispell Lake.

"We received a 911 call from some sportsmen in the area. They came upon an object, which they thought was very suspicious," said Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl.

The object was the body of 63-year-old Sandra Johnson of Lenawee County's Woodstock Township.

Four days later, 42-year-old Steven Storm of the Vandercook Lake area was arrested for Johnson's murder. To get to the arrest, detectives from both Lenawee and Jackson Counties investigated the Crispell Lake boat launch and Johnson's Lenawee County home, looking for evidence.

According to statements from both county sheriff's offices, the last few days were also spent executing search warrants and interviewing friends and family of Johnson, both departments trying to get any information that would help them identify a suspect.

However, a breakthrough wouldn't come until Wednesday, when a Lenawee County detective found Johnson's bank records.

Following further investigation, Storm, who was already a person of interest in the case, was questioned at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. He was then taken to the Lenawee County Jail.

Detectives are still investigating Johnson's murder, but evidence indicates she was killed at her home and then left at the Crispell Lake boat launch.

Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand says he hopes to bring closure to Johnson's family.

"In this case, someone's lost a loved one so there is never going to be complete, what I would call, justice," said Rand.

Steven Storm is currently being held without bond. He is expected to be arraigned Friday morning.

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