MSU Board Approves Munn Ice Arena Renovations

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EAST LANSING (WILX)-- The MSU Board of Trustees made a move that will keep the Munn Ice Arena from turning into a swimming pool, so to speak.

The arena has some much needed renovations where the Spartans play hockey. The ice making system has seen the end of it's days and the HVAC system need to be replaced says Deputy Director of Athletics Greg Ianni.

"We have an issue with the equipment, and we are using a refrigerant we can no longer use in two years," said Ianni.

It will cost $6,500,000 to replace the systems. The money will be coming from the Athletics Department.

"We knew about this for a while now. We've identified the resources that will come out of athletic department funds money that has already been set aside. Were ready," said Ianni.

They would like to do the replacements after the 2014 hockey season so the college season will not be affected. Those who use the arena during the summer will not be forgotten. Ianni says he will be finding a different location for Youth Camps and open skate to use after March next year.

Before it's all finished Ianni hopes there will be some changes made for the fans as well.

"What our fan swill notice is that the glass will be different. The panels will be wider and more user friendly from the spectators perspective," said Ianni.

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