Multiple Pileups Due to Snowy Weather

Pileup in Indiana
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A series of pile-ups in the Great Lakes region occurred after white-out conditions hit the area. A massive crash involving dozens of vehicles closed down I-75 southwest of Detroit for several hours, and took the lives of two children, and one adult.

Nine semi-trucks and 12 cars were involved in a chain-reaction crash caused by a winter storm. The accident happened in the early afternoon, on westbound I-94 near Paw Paw, closing down I-94. One of the semi-drivers was seriously injured, and other minor injuries were reported. Police report the accidents were due to whiteout conditions.

More than 20 vehicles, including semi-trucks, were involved in an accident Thursday afternoon on US-23, south of Flint. Drivers reported whiteout conditions, and snow squalls at the time of the accident. The accident shut down US-23 for a period of time, but the highway has since reopened.

A 35-vehicle crash left seven people injured that occurred west of the Indianapolis International Airport on I-70. There were as many as 20 semi trucks involved in the pile-up. The highway was shut down in both directions, and will be closed for several hours.