Multiple Arrests in Recent Jackson Area Bank Robberies

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The Jackson Major Crimes Task Force is still searching for one man, while three other suspects are in custody after the most recent robbery in a string of them ended in a car chase and foot pursuit Wednesday morning on Jackson's south side.

Police found 20-year-old Kesean Wilson hiding in a dumpster at a liquor store parking lot on the corner of Greenwood and Biddle Streets around 11:30 a.m.

Around 9:00 a.m. police responded to Jackson City County Credit Union for an armed robbery, which led to a car chase with the suspect. He crashed the vehicle into a home on the corner of Jackson and Biddle Streets, and fled on foot. The Jackson County Sheriff, Jackson Police, Michigan State Police, and Blackman Township Public Safety began canvasing the neighborhood.

"We had dozens of assets from every agency, the FBI, in Jackson today working to try to cordon off the area, secure the neighborhoods, and try to kind of keep this person penned down," Jackson County Sheriff Steve Rand said. "What ultimately occurred was a K-9 tracked this person to the location, and it worked very well."

A female was also in the vehicle that struck the home, and she fled on foot, too. 17-year-old Breanna Crawford was arrested at the hospital while being treated for minor injuries.

The robbery Wednesday morning is the second one for City County Credit Union in less than three weeks, but at least the sixth bank robbery in the area since August.

59-year-old Roger Ozier was arrested Wednesday in connection with Monday's robbery at Aeroquip Credit Union in Blackman Township, but 21-year-old Darius Griffin is still wanted. Police aren't ruling out that the all of the robberies and suspects are connected, but they aren't sure yet. Police said this is really only the beginning.

"There could be more people out there that are either harboring these people or assisting them in some way," Rand said.

The Major Crimes Task Force has already logged thousands of hours of over time on these incidents over the past several weeks. Monday included an intense raid on an empty home on Francis Ct. while executing a "high-risk search warrant" that closed down the area for hours after the Aeroquip robbery in the morning.
"They're working hard right now to put all the pieces together," Rand said. "All these agencies have worked in earnest the last several weeks to try to put this to a close."

It's not at a close yet, though three people are in custody. All will be charged with at least armed robbery and bank robbery.

"The message we want to send is banks and credit unions are not candy stores," Jackson County Prosecutor Henry Zavislak said.

City County Credit Union said they'll be increasing security.

"It's very scary for our girls that work here, and it's time for it to end," Vice Chairman of the Credit Union Jim Hobbs said.

The Sheriff said there's still a lot of work to do.

"It's too early to pat ourselves on the back," Rand said. "We have a lot of work to do, the investigators have a lot of investigating left to be done, and we still have to communicate all of this to the prosecutor's office, and the FBI, because there's still the possibility that these cases could go federal."

Zavislak said he expects the suspects in custody to be arraigned Thursday.

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