Movie Madness at Local Cinemas on Christmas Day

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It's a tradition that brings the Trevino family together every year.

"On Christmas Day we always go to the movies," said Maggie Trevino, of Grand Ledge.

For others, it's a spur of the moment idea and with two major Christmas day releases in Les Miserables and Django Unchained, Lansing theaters filled up fast for what local cinemas' call their busiest day of the year.

Erin Miner is an assistant manager at Celebration Cinema in Lansing. She says with the usual Christmas rush, plus a cinema deal, Celebration expected as many as 8,000 customers, Christmas day.

That's more than twice as much as a normal weekend, meaning planning had to begin well in advance.

"We plan our staffing a long time before," said Miner. "We also have to get our concession stand stocked really well a few days before."

Many of the workers at Celebration volunteer to come in on Christmas. While it's just another busy Christmas day for Celebration in Lansing, but for the newly-opened Studio C in Meridian Township, it's a test for theater employees, who haven't seen anything like the Christmas rush.

"We've been telling them it's going to be really busy, but it's one thing to tell them and another for them to actually see it," said Emily Mills, an Assistant Manager at Studio C.

If record ticket sales early on were any indication, the rush was everything Studio C expected. NCG theaters at Eastwood Towne Center also reported year highs in ticket sales.

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