Movember Campaign Aims To Increase Awareness About Men's Health Issues

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The month of November is almost over, which means those participating in Movember or "No Shave November" have mustaches and beards to show off. A group of students at MSU who like to grow facial hair, and also like to make a difference, started a student organization called "The Beardsmen of MSU." We caught up with them to see what their plans are for this year's Movember campaign.

Some might say Mick Haley has an epic beard.

"If I didn't have a beard I'd be no less of a man, but it's kind of a hobby for me and it is a conversation piece," said Mick Haley, Founder of Beardsmen of MSU.

It's a hobby that Haley took to the next level when he started a student organization at MSU that celebrates facial hair. They call themselves "The Beardsman of MSU." And their beards and mustaches are definitely conversation pieces. They're conversation pieces that can make a difference, especially during the month of November, when the the Movember campaign for men's health awareness takes place.

"All of my friends who normally don't ever grow facial hair, even the girlfriends who hate facial hair will let them grow facial hair for the month," said Logan Raney, Member of Beardsmen of MSU.

Because it's for a good cause. The beards and mustaches grown in November are meant to spark conversations among men about health issues. According to the agency for healthcare research and quality, men are 24 percent less likely to visit the doctor than women. This campaign encourages every man to establish a relationship with a primary care doctor, know their family history, and watch for signs and symptoms of testicular and prostate cancers.

"Young men ought to have self examinations, and any abnormal findings they may have can spark an indication that they may have something going on from a testicular standpoint," Dr. Luciano DiCarlo, Radiation Oncologist, Sparrow.

The campaign raises awareness, but it also works to raise money. The Beardsmen of MSU hosts a yearly facial hair competition to raise funds for prostate cancer research, and many men who participate around the world ask for donations from sponsors.

"You get a little bit of everything, long beards, short beards, neck beards, mustaches, mutton chops, you get it all. People just have fun with it."

It's fun that reminds men to focus on what's really important, their health.

The Beardsmen of MSU are hosting this year's Celebeardion at Harper's in East Lansing on December 6th at 7 pm. Men can come and show off the facial hair they've grown this month. Those with the best looking beards and mustaches can win prizes, and all funds go to the American Cancer Society.