Mosquito Season is Here

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"We have just been viciously attacked by the mosquitoes," said Deborah Eaton, mother of a two-year-old.

That's not uncommon for this time of the year. While it's finally warm enough, it's also the beginning of mosquito season.

"This year we're seeing a really interesting situation where almost all the mosquitoes are of just one kind, they originate from flood plains associated with the heavy spring rains," said MSU entomologist Ned Walker.

Experts say people living near rivers and streams will likely get hit harder this year. While this particular kind of mosquito isn't known to spread human diseases, it can be more dangerous for pets.

"Mosquitoes that are out right now are good carriers of dog heartworm, that's a mosquito-borne parasitic disease of dogs...people should get their dogs checked by the veterinarian and put on the prophylactic medicine that prevents that infection," Walker said.

According to the Department of Community Health, ways to protect yourself against mosquitoes include using insect repellent, covernig up when you go outside especially during dusk, maintaining window and door screens and emptying standing water around the home.

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