More than 2000 Tips Received for Roadway Shooting Case

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Tips about the I-96 shooter who's fired at cars in four different counties have grown to more than 2000 since the task force was formed 10 days ago. 1300 of those tips came after the reward jumped to more than $100,000.

The task force has also narrowed down the number of shootings to 24 and told us most of them have happened on trunk lines and local streets, not I-96.

Police are asking people to report anything suspicious, but say drivers should not be worried about travelling on the freeway.

"Out of 24 shootings, three of them have occured on the freeway. The other ones have all occured topside; not on the freeway. So what's getting out there is, you can't travel I-96 without getting shot at, is what the message is that people are starting to relay to the motoring public. That is not the case," said Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw.

Police can't confirm, but they do believe one suspect is responsible for all 24 shootings. They say forensic evidence has linked nine incidents together.

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