More Than 100 LSD Employees May Get Pink Slips

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Dozens of teaching positions may be on the chopping block in an effort to save $7 million. The Lansing School District closed a deal with the teachers' union in March to eliminate planning time so classroom teachers can also teach music, art and P.E.

"We live in a world that was not the same as it was, I mean we have less students and we have less need for teachers," said Lansing School Board President Guillermo Lopez.

The board is set to discuss and possibly decide on the number of pink slips to be handed out, but how many employees will actually lose their job will be determined later in the year based on factors like retirements and student enrollment.

Administrators are also not immune to possible reductions. The school board voted five to three on Tuesday to notify four administrators their contracts will not be renewed, including former Assistant Superintendent James Davis.

"Based on the recommendations of the superintendent...she has a plan to do what she's charged to do and if she believes she can do it in a way with less administrators, well that's fine," Lopez said.

However, the board was split on this decision. Board Member Charles Ford says if there are non-renewal notices, then even more should be handed out.

"That way we as a district could look at how we can maximize consolidation, maximize restructuring and maximize elimination. Now we're limited to four people," Ford said.

The superintendent is expected to present her proposal to the school board tonight. According to the board president, they will likely take a vote.

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