More Charges Coming for Highway Shooter

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"Well, they're going to be similar charges to what you saw come out of the other two counties."

That's what Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth predicts could happen to Raulie Casteel when he is arraigned by Ingham County prosecutors as early as Tuesday. The 43-year-old Casteel is suspected of shooting at 24 cars along the I-96 corridor in four counties, including seven along M-52 in Ingham County.

"You have to keep in mind for our seven shootings, we don't have forensics to tie that person to all seven," said Wriggelsworth. "We do have [forensics] to some of them. They've all been submitted and Prosecutor Dunnings can issue how he wants to based on the available evidence."

The first two shootings occurred near the intersection of Grand River and M-52 near Webberville. One happened on M-52 just north of Grand River, two near the intersection of M-52 and Sherwood Road, one near the intersection with Bell Oak Road and one near Haslett Road.

Jordan Fuller owns a daycare on M-52 near Bell Oak Road.

"I didn't believe it until two detectives showed up at my house and asked me if I knew anything," said Fuller. "I asked them where it was and it was pretty much my front yard."

With 12 daycare kids, five kids of her own and a husband who drives to Wixom each day along M-52 and I-96 for work, she was happy to hear the shooter was caught.

"I was very glad. I kind of felt relieved that he was found," said Fuller.

While Casteel is still only a suspect, Wriggelsworth says, forensic evidence that has been connected with Casteel has led the task force to believe he is the man they were looking for.

So far, Casteel has been charged with 66 counts between Livingston and Oakland Counties, including several counts of attempted murder.

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