Mom with Cancer, Family Facing Eviction

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Wendy Bergmann spends every day waiting.

"It's scary not knowing am I gonna be able to pay the rent? Or is the electricity gonna be turned off tomorrow?" she says.

Bergmann has cancer and multiple sclerosis, as well as an enlarged ventricle in her heart and thyroid disease. Her doctors don't allow her to work.

She applied for disability service checks starting in 2011. In August of last year she was finally approved.

Since then, she hasn't seen a single dollar from the government.

"I'm just waiting for that big phone call or that check in the mailbox saying 'It's here!'"

She's been told there is a back log in processing disability approvals, and for the past year she's been told the check is coming soon.

Even with her son's minimum wage job bringing some money in...She says soon...Isn't soon enough.

Bergmann says she's reached out to the local disabilities office multiple times and hasn't heard anything back. Without the money from the government she's behind on her rent, and she and her family could be evicted any day.

We reached out to Congressman Mike Rogers' office. He wants people in Bergmann's situation to contact him. And when they do, he says his office will do everything it can to help them.

In a statement his office told us: our relationships with the federal and local government allow us to streamline any of your requests.

Bergmann says she's not asking for much, just enough to bring some normalcy back into her life.

"Some type of security where you know at least we know that the rent's covered," she said. "Then my son's check can pay something, and he can finally have some of his money to do what he'd like to do. Like just get a video game, which he hasn't been able to do in a couple years. And that breaks my heart."

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