Mitchell Concedes Defeat to John Moolenaar

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It was a long, hard-fought battle for the Republican nomination in the race for Michigan's 4th congressional seat, but in the end, it was Paul Mitchell who conceded defeat to John Moolenaar, Tuesday night.

He made the emotional announcement shortly before 11 p.m., to a room packed full of his supporters at his viewing party in Mt. Pleasant.

"Well it never feels good, but I think we ran a good campaign, stated our perspective on our views," Mitchell told our cameras. "They didn't prevail to the voters and I think we'll continue to put forth the conservative values that I think matter in this district as we go forward."

Mitchell says it's too soon to decide where his political career will go next, but he did say he will support the Republican ticket in the race for the 4th congressional seat come November.

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