Millionth Car to Roll Off Line at GM Grand River Plant

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In just a few hours, the one millionth vehicle will roll off the assembly line at GM's Lansing Grand River plant. It's a big milestone for workers there, and a celebration is planned for this morning. There is a lot of excitement here. GM folks say the millionth car that's being built right now here at this plant, just might be their best ever. The new Cadillac CTS will roll off the belt around 10:40 AM. The Cadillac ATS is also built here at the Grand River plant, the ATS was named the
2013 car of the year at the Detroit auto show. The success of that car inspired GM to build their new flagship CTS here, as well. Sales of the 2013 CTS fell in anticipation for the new, better version rolling off the line today. The new car will be five inches longer, with driving and parking assistance and other luxury features. The price tag for the new car is about six thousand more than the older version. It's expected to hit dealerships this fall. We're going to be covering this milestone all morning long