Mid-Michigan Wishes Jordyn Wieber Good Luck

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The countdown is on for Jordyn Wieber. The 16-year-old gymnast from DeWitt is headed to the London Olympics. Next stop, Houston, Texas for training with the Olympic team.

"Last week was a little rough," says Wieber's Coach, John Geddert. "Obviously she was emotionally drained. We kind of took it a little bit easy. She's had some good practices and some kind of rough ones, which is to be expected. Now we're going to pick up speed."

Geddert, Wieber, and most of the Wieber family spent Tuesday evening at the Lexington Lansing Hotel in Delta Township for a Twistars send-off, which was full of well-wishes, special guests and fans with Wieber Fever.

About 300 people were there to wish Wieber good luck. The proceeds from ticket sales and a silent auction will help Twistars pay for Olympics-related expenses, like equipment and airfare for secondary coaches to go to London.

"I'm not a crier, but I get teary just thinking about how much support we've had from everybody," says Rita Wieber, Jordyn's mother. "It just makes you realize how fortunate you are to have so many people in your life."

No on-camera interviews for Jordyn Wieber, but she did pose for a few photos and sign some autographs. She told News 10 she's excited for London.

"There was a lot of media and a lot of stuff in the last year that I think she's relieved that she's made it to this point," says Rita Wieber. "She's healthy, and that's always something you worry about . So I think she's glad that she's on the team and I know she's really excited to get there and train with everybody."

"She's like 'Yeah, I mean, I still got more to do,'" echoes Ryan Wieber, Jordyn's brother. "I mean [the U.S. Olympic Trials] wasn't even her ultimate goal, so I mean she's still focused and ready to go."

Wieber will train in Houston for a week with the U.S. Olympic Team before leaving for London. Her family will arrive in London at the end of the month.

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