Mid-Michigan Thanksgiving Meals

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Some say Thanksgiving is a day to share and care. Michael Hood is the organizer of the Thanskgiving feast at Cristo Rey Community Center, providing a warm meal for about 500 people.

"This is the inspiration, seeing people come in and helping people and watching people do things for other people, that to me is the quintessential Thanksgiving," Hood said.

For some people, feasting at Cristo Rey on Thanksgiving has become an annual tradition.

"I decided to come down here and everyone was so welcoming that I decided to make it a family tradition," said Susan Peters.

The Cristo Rey community was just one of many around Mid-Michigan that offered free Thanksgiving meals. Hundreds came out to the St. Gerard Church including volunteers and those who might not otherwise have a Thanksgiving meal to enjoy.

"It's just my dad and I and we don't have much money, so we appreciate this place a lot," said Tina Reist.

It's the spirit and reward of lending a helping hand that keeps many volunteers coming back.

"We want to share the blessings, the skills and the talents that we have with those who might not be able to be as fortunate as we are," said volunteer Phil Guyeskey.

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