Mid-Michigan Continues Sandy Relief Efforts

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When 1st Lt. Mike Krumm arrived in New Jersey, last week, with 23 other Michigan State troopers, he had no idea what to expect.

"You see things on camera and it doesn't give us the depth and the perception of what the reality is," said Lt. Krumm, who leads the troopers in New Jersey.

Michigan State Police have been in New Jersey helping with Hurricane Sandy relief since November 5th. They were supposed to return on Saturday, but heavy snows pushed back their return date to later this week.

"The damage will be here long-term and the cleanup will go on long-term, but as far as the stability, we've seen major improvements," said Lt. Krumm.

To add to those improvements, local organizations are doing as much as they can to help with relief efforts. In the past week, New World Flood has sent two trucks to Staten Island, New York filled with donated items and they're not done yet.

"We decided to do a third truck which will leave Tuesday morning," said Marcus Coleman, Executive Director of New World Flood.

The organization is looking for things like water bottles, non-parishables, blankets and coats.

"One lady came in the door and had a big box. She said, 'I just sit in front of the television and I like to knit', so she knitted a bunch of scarves and hats," said Coleman. "We've seen people who have actually made blankets and brought them in. It's just an outpouring of love."

Dianne Alexanian says she jumped at the chance to help out when she heard about the donation drop-off.

"We have scarves to wrap around their necks, we have slacks, we have five or six blankets, we have sheets," said Alexanian.

New World Flood will take donations, Monday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They are located in an office on the back of the Armory building on Marshall Street in Lansing.

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