Mid-Michigan Clerks Prepare for Election Day

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The countdown is on. Clerk's offices around Mid-Michigan are doing final preparations for election day.

"We go over every possible scenario that we think might happen on election day so we're prepared on how to handle it," said Delta Township Clerk Mary Clark.

The presidential race is expected to draw long lines at the polls next week. Lansing anticipates about 30,000 to 40,000 voters. Delta Township is expecting up to 18,000 and East Lansing is expecting about 25,000.

Those numbers don't include absentee ballots. In East Lansing, election workers have aleady taken in about 3000 absentee ballots.

"I don't have that much time during the day and there are a lot of people waiting behind you, so I don't want to have to rush through anything," said East Lansing voter Wendy Kopitsch.

East Lansing City Clerk Marie McKenna says they brought in extra staff to process those ballots and they also trained about 375 election workers for next Tuesday.

"We think we're as prepared as we can be," McKenna said.

It's a similar scene in Delta Township. The absentee ballots are steadily coming in..

"We think we'll hit by Monday at 4 p.m. 6000 absentee ballots in Delta Township," said Clark.

Clark thinks that'll take some pressure off election day, but says they still have 250 election day workers ready for their 16 precincts.

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