Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law Seeing Changes

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There are changes for Michigan's medical marijuana law. That's because Governor Snyder signed more bills into law.
The new measures will have an effect on the 2008 voter approved law.

The changes will effect patient- physician relationships, caregivers, insurances, and medical marijuana identification. Now, the dispute is over whether the changes were necessary..

The biggest change will be the stricter laws on doctor-patient relationships. No longer will appointments be run via skype.

"We had a clinic that you could see a doctor over the internet and that is simply inappropriate," said Senator Rick Jones (R).

Lansing marijuana distributor Tim Jenkins says the new laws will only be harming customers.

"Michigan in s a rural state not everyone can drive here to get certified," said Jenkins.

Caregivers will have stricter laws as well, no longer can someone with a felony be certified or be growing marijuana for patients...

"Rapist and people who have sold illegal drugs have applied and gotten caregiver cards. This new law will insure safety for those seniors," said Jones.

But Jenkins says he sees a flaw with that law as well.

"There are people who get in trouble at age 18 and 7 years later are running a legitimate medical marijuana operation with customers," said Jenkins.

All the new laws Jones says are to weed out those who are using the medicine for recreational use, but Jenkins says he doesn't see the point.

"We have been bending over backwards to uphold the states law although we prob don't agree with 95% of it," said Jenkins.

The laws will come into effect within 90 days says Jones and there are more still to come.

"I hope Snyder will sign a bill next week saying that auto insurance will not have to pay for medical marijuana," said Jones.

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