Michigan Wines Are Bursting With Flavor

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HASLETT (WILX)-- Michigan wines are bursting with flavor after an exceptional season last year, and this year is already off to a good start. Grape farmers say it will be a great year for buying local wine.

"The wines being made and offered this year are really good high quality wines and there's going to be a lot of selection," said Burgdorf's Winery Owner, David Burgdorf.

Last years harvest missed the early frost and thrived in the hot summer. From the 2012 season wines are just now starting to sold. A good season means the price should stay pretty stable this year.

" We had such long hot days we fixed a lot of sugars into the wine," said Burgdorf.

"The wines are tasting wonderful in the tanks," said Deborah Burgdorf.

The 2013 harvest year is already off to a good start. No frost means there won't be a fruit crop disaster like last year, and the grapes will start budding soon.

"It's starting off well. The farmers have got them pruned. We got ours done now, and it looks good," said Burgdorf.

There are still many factors that could change the outcome of the 2013 harvest between now and fall. Too much rain, or a bad year with insects could wipe out a season. Grape farmers are hoping for another dry season like last year.

White wines from last years harvest should be out this spring. Reds will likely be ready later this year, or early next.

Wine Tasting Events for April:

April 15
Michigan Wine Showcase
6 p.m. @ The Rattlesnake Club
300 Grand River Avenue
Detroit,MI 48226

April 20 & 21
Michigan Wine Celebration
11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Pioneer Wine Trail

April 26
Gallery Suite Jazz Series
7 p.m. @ La Fille Gallery
336 East Michigan Avenue
Lansing,MI 48933

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