Michigan Third-Grader is Newest "Lunch Angel"

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Two weeks ago in Howell, third-grader, Cayden Taipalus, noticed that a classmate had to put his hot lunch back and get a cheese sandwich, because he didn't have enough money in his lunch account. If children don't have sufficient funds in their lunch account, they are given a cheese sandwich, fruit, and milk, instead of the regular hot lunch choice. The student was upset and embarrassed, and 8-year-old Cayden was concerned that the boy didn't get enough to eat.

When he got home that day, he asked his mother what he could do. She wanted to encourage him to help, so he started taking bottles back to the store for the deposit, and asking neighbors and his grandparents for their help. His initial efforts raised $200.

Cayden, and his mother Amber Peters went to Cayden's school, Challenger Elementary in Howell, and paid off $64 in delinquent lunch accounts. Then they added the rest of the money they raised to those accounts to ensure that the children would be able to get lunch.

Two days later, a radio station contacted them, and helped them raise more money, then a Detroit news station did a story on Cayden's efforts.

At that point, Cayden's mother set up a Fundrazr page online to accept more donations as they came in. Last weekend, AOL picked up the story and featured it as the top story on their home page, then the Today Show did a story on Cayden.

As Cayden's story went viral, more and more people from all over the world have donated to his cause. Now, Cayden wants to do the same thing for more school districts.

WILX News 10's Amanda Malkowski is speaking with Cayden, his mother, and the school where it all began. Tune in on Friday, March 7 at 6:00 a.m. to see Cayden in action, and get the full story of this extraordinary little boy, and his cause!

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