Michigan Taking Legal Action Against Company Linked to Meningitis Cases

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LANSING - The state of Michigan is taking legal action against the Massachusetts based company that is linked tot he recent deadly cases of meningitis. Michigan's Attorney General's office has filed a complaint requesting the immediate suspension of the pharmacy license for New England Compounding Center (NECC). The complaint filed with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs alleges that "NECC was acting as a drug manufacturer by distributing large amounts of medication to various hospitals and clinics in Michigan." The media statement goes on to say that "the company is currently only licensed to fill individual prescriptions for Michigan patients."

The Attorney General's office says that once the Order of Summary Suspension is signed by the Bureau of Health Professions Director, NECC's license will be immediately suspended and they will be forced to cease operations in Michigan.

The Attorney General says that he is reviewing whether additional legal action can be taken against NECC. He says NECC shipped its medication in bulk without a proper manufacturer's license.

As of Friday, there are 41 cases of meningitis linked to an epidural steroid injected in people suffering back pain. Three people have died in Michigan.