Michigan State's Misconduct Tip Line Gets People Talking

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Michigan State University is making it a little easier for students to speak up if they see something wrong. The launch of a new anonymous tip service is already getting students talking.

"I don't like to be a tattletale," said James Sullivan, a junior at MSU.

It's a title no one want and one people can avoid thanks to Michigan state's new misconduct hotline

"No one wants to be a tattletale and no one wants to be responsible for being a tattletale so it gives good a reason to speak now," said Brandon Goodman, a junior at State.

The anonymous tip line lets students and staff report any behavior that is against school policy. They can either fill out a report online or dial the hotline.

All the tips are handled by a third party service which sorts them before sending them to the appropriate department on campus. University Spokesman Jason Cody hopes the service will be an incentive to get people talking.

"What we want to do is we want to remove as many of those barriers as we can and make any member of the MSU community comfortable in reporting any form of misconduct," Cody said.

It's an expansion of a 2005 hotline set up to report fiscal misconduct. From plagiarism to sexual harassment, the service is a central place for reporting.

"They know they can call this hotline and regardless of what the subject matter is they can feel confident that they're reporting it to the right place," Cody added.

The expanded hotline is not meant to replace 9-1-1 in an emergency but staff say it could help university police when it comes to giving them tips.

"Was there really misconduct if so what's going on and if there needs to be any sort of corrective action taken that's done so then," Cody explained.

The hotline is already getting students talking about safety on campus/

"It could lead to a better chance of getting that person punished for the wrongful acts that they're doing," said Sam Stiles, a sophomore.

And ready to speak up

"Maybe I'll think about it next time if I do see something," Goodman said.

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