Michigan State Police Explain Text Alert Delay Following Cedar Village Shooting

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Why did it take more than two hours for Michigan State University to send out the first text alert to students following a deadly shooting at the Cedar Village apartment complex, near the 200 block of Cedar St. just off campus, Friday night?

MSU student Domonique Nolff was shot and killed in the incident that took place around 8:45 Friday evening while a second victim, Nolff's roommate, is recovering and cooperating with the investigation.

Students on campus still shaken by the incident are more frustrated with the fact it took more than two hours to hear about it from campus police.

"If I lived in Cedar Village I would've wanted to know earlier than later," said Alaina Kristoff, a student who showed us the text alert she received on her phone at 11:06 Friday evening.

The text alert read:
"Shooting occurred at 845 pm in 200 block of Cedar St., in East Lansing. Suspect is black male average height & build. Call ELPD at 517-319-6897 with information.”

It's an alert some other students we spoke with said they hadn't received at all.

"If there's a shooting happening near campus, and I still live on campus, I would like to know about it," said Michael Collier.

"I would like to get an email at least if nothing else."

MSU Police contend the delay wasn't caused by a glitch in the system, but that the incident didn't warrant immediate notification because it wasn't a random shooting and it was not on campus.

"This was information-based and not an emergency alert," said Sgt. Florence McGlothian Taylor.

"This was an off campus shooting and we wanted to get information out to our students who were living off campus, and in order to do that we needed to make certain we had all the information before we send anything out," McGlothian Taylor said.

Had it been an active shooter situation on campus, the response would've been much different and sooner, she said.

"We try our best to get it out as soon as we can because we don't want anyone injured," McGlothian Taylor.

"At this time we got it out as soon as we had the accurate information."

Their best though, still not good enough for some students, like J.P. Navarro who lives in the dorms right across the street from Cedar Village.

"Being it was a Friday night with a lot of people going out, it would've been nice to know something had happened and kind of like a 'be careful' even if there's not any details," Navarro said.

When asked about the delay, East Lansing Police passed the buck onto campus police.

"MSU police and East Lansing police work off the same radio frequency, so when this call goes out they hear it just as soon as we do," Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth with ELPD told News 10 on Monday.

"The city doesn't have any say in why there was a delay."

Meanwhile, ELPD still doesn't have any suspects, other than a vague description of a man.

The motive behind the shooting is still unclear at this point.

Text alert from MSU campus police.

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