Michigan Soldiers Return Home From Afghanistan

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When Scott Sims got off the plane, Sunday morning, there was one person Chief Warrant Officer Scott Sims wanted to meet.

"I had a newborn four months ago that I was not able to see until today," said Sims.

Sims was one of 23 locally based soldiers who saw their families for the first time in a year when they got off the plane at the Capital Region International Airport.

As he held his baby, Cora, for the first time, Sims called it 'awesome'.

"It feels really good," said Sims.

In total, 80 soldiers returned home, Sunday, after the 12-month tour of duty in Afghanistan. After a brief ceremony, the soldiers prepared to head to their home bases all across Michigan.

Those from mid-Michigan met up with their families at the Joint Forces Headquarters near the airport.

Sims' wife, Sarah, was relieved to have her husband back after giving birth to her first child without him.

"It was really overwhelming and really hard," said Sarah Sims. "Fortunately, we were able to Skype the birth, so he could see it over the computer."

The returning soldiers are members of the 125th battalion.

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