Michigan National Guard Members Bound for Liberia

Michigan National Guard Association
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AUGUSTA, Mich. (AP) -- Fifteen Michigan National Guard members are on their way to Liberia as trainers for the west African nation's armed forces.

Mlive.com says about 100 people were on hand Sunday for a send-off ceremony at Fort Custer Training Center in Augusta.

The Guard members include Sgt. Craig Pulver, who's been home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan for just a few months.

The Kalamazoo man has had three stints in Afghanistan and says this one-year deployment will be different.

He says he takes it as a challenge to help improve the Liberian military. He also says communication should be better this time, with computer and phone access to home.

Pam Pulver said it's never easy to say goodbye to her husband but says she knows it's for a good cause.

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