Michigan Morel Hunters Heading Out

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Michigan mushroom enthusiasts are headed out to woods, looking for the prized wild mushrooms that can be found in Michigan at this time of year. They can be cooked and prepared a number of ways, but most people like to sauté them in butter.

Typically, morels are found in damp areas, but they can be found in wooded areas, fields, fruit orchards, along fence and hedgerows, and in marshy areas. If you spot one, look around because they could be others found nearby.

Fresh morel mushrooms, when purchased in supermarkets and grocery stores can cost as much as $45pound , making them highly sought after by people looking for them in the wild.

If you are trying to find morels, make sure you use caution. There are several species of poisonous mushrooms that can resemble morels. Click the link at the right for some morel-hunting tips, recipes, and examples of mushrooms to avoid.

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