Michigan Democrats Are Pushing for Control

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"We have all the momentum and we are just getting started," announced Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Mark Schauer.

He spoke to his party's delegates Sunday at the Democratic Nominating Convention.

Schauer said as governor, he'll rebuild the middle class by putting a priority on education.

"We understand that key to a good job and a strong middle class is education. We know that, you know, by taxing retiree pensions and taking money out of the pockets of the middle class/working family is the wrong way to go. That's what Rick Snyder's done. We're gonna reverse that," he explained.

And, Schauer said, the other Democrats on the November ballot are behind him.

"We've got outstanding candidates from, you know, top to bottom and throughout the state; and, they're all carrying this message about educating our people, repealing the Snyder job killing retirement tax, and building an economy that works for everyone," Schauer said.

The Democrats have high hopes for their ticket come November. They believe all of Michigan will be behind them.

Party member, Leonard Page, said, "I think people are finally starting to realize that Michigan hasn't been reinvented."

That's a position the party's campaign is pushing - that promises haven't been fulfilled.

"They just have to look at what's happened in the state the last four years. You know, for four years the Governor made a lot of promises. He hasn't accomplished a lot of them. We're still languishing behind the other states when it comes to numbers like unemployment rate. We need to do better and I think we present a better vision," said State Senate Candidate, Curtis Hertel, Jr.

With 72 days left before the election, Democratic candidates said they'll continue knocking on doors to get Michiganders in line with that vision.