Michigan Corn Above Average

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LANSING (WILX)-- Is it knee high by the 4th of July?? Some corn farmers in mid-Michigan are happy to report their crop is above that. It means you could see some savings at the grocery store this fall.

"As long as we get a good summer and a nice rain and not an early frost we should have a good corn year," said Jeff Sandborn, a corn farmer from Portland.

Sandborn's own crops were planted two weeks late, but you can't tell by looking at it. Parts of his corn crops are over five feet tall already. He says it's a big difference from the 2012 drought.

"That's Michigan, we're variable. One year we are done by Halloween, the next were way past deer hunting season."

The whole corn-belt is doing well. Right now two-thirds of the nations corn crop is in good to excellent condition,

"Between the two years it's average. Extreme last year and extreme this year."

Not only is corn grown for feed doing well, so is the corn you buy at the market.

Horrocks farm market expects to see a large supply of sweet corn this year, and that means savings for customers.

"When we can get the small farmers we can get better deals, and get a better price. We'll see a little bit closer to four to five for a dollar," said Ken Campbell, Produce Manager at Horrocks Farm Market.

You may not have to wait long. Campbell says he expects to begin receive locally grown corn in the next few weeks.

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