Michigan Brewing Company Adopts 2018 Minimum Wage Immediately

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Short's Brewing Company of Bellaire, MI has announced that they will immediately adopt Michigan's required 2018 minimum wage rates.

The law recently signed by Gov. Rick Snyder gradually increases the minimum wage from $7.40 per hour where it currently stands to $9.25 per hour for non-tipped employees, and $3.51 per hour for tipped employees, as of January 2018.

“As we have grown over the past few years, we’ve made it our goal to reward the hard-working staff who have contributed significantly towards our mission,” stated Matt Drake, Short’s COO and HR Director. “By starting new employees with a competitive minimum wage, we feel that we can continue to attract and retain excellent employees.”

Short's already pays above the minimum wage for its deli workers, who average over $11 per hour, and it's tipped employees who already start at $3.50 per hour. Their average pack-line wage is above $11 per hour as well at their Elk Rapids production brewery.

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