Meteor Shower a Bust?

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In the early hours of Saturday May 24th, Earth was granted a brand new spectacle: the Camelopardalid Meteor Shower. Earth passed through the dust trail of Comet 209P/LINEAR and many small meteors entered our atmosphere. The forecast was for a wild meteor shower that would be quite a sight, but many late night sky watchers were disappointed.

Facebook and Twitter were full of people saying things like, "Did you see any yet? Nothing here." Some people did catch a few.

See the night sky photo from Neil Weaver Photography taken in northern Ionia County of the Camelopardalids from early Saturday. Weaver says you can see a faint meteor just above the tree.

NBC News reports that the meteor shower was accurately predicted as far as timing goes, but overestimated the number of meteors seen per hour. Click the link for the full story from NBC.

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