Memorial Held for Rite-Aid Pharmacist Michael Addo

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Lansing, Mich. (WILX) Friends and neighbors gathered Saturday night in Lansing to remember 35-year-old Michael Addo, the Frandor Rite-Aid pharmacist who was shot and killed earlier this month while on the job.

Addo--a native of Ghana--has no family in the area, but friends who knew him wanted to make sure he would not be forgotten.

The 35-year-old moved to the states in 2007 for better job opportunities as a pharmacist and had been working with Rite-Aid since 2010.

The memorial service was held at the Union Missionary Baptist Church, S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, in Lansing Saturday night with several dozen people coming out to take part in song and prayer.

Several people spoke during the ceremony and offered their messages and memories of Addo, remarking he'll be remembered most for his positive nature and constant smile.

The night of song and prayer was a grave reminder of the violent day that unfolded now nearly two weeks ago.

"We all agree that this kind of violence should not be tolerated," said Barbara Roberts Mason with the Lansing Sister Cities Commission.

"But I think it's one thing to agree that it should not be tolerated and another to act upon it."

Addo was gunned down while working at the Frandor Rite-Aid on May 12. Just minutes later 27-year-old Jordan Rogers was shot and killed in his home on Coolidge Rd. in East Lansing and police believe the same man--Ricard Taylor--is responsible for both shootings.

Taylor was arrested later that afternoon after a multi-hour standoff with police in East Lansing. He has been ordered to undergo a psych evaluation before his trial can proceed.

Friends of Addo say they don't believe he and Taylor knew each other before the shooting.

A GoFundMe page set up in Addo's honor has raised just under $5,000 for the Addo family. Funeral services will be held June 7 in Chicago for Addo before his body is moved back to Ghana.

A candlelight vigil is planned for Addo Monday night at 7 pm in front of the Frandor Rite-Aid.

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