Eaton Rapids Memorial Day Parade Almost Canceled

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Memorial Day is a time for reflection and for thanking those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Many places do this with a parade but one of largest ones in mid-Michigan's almost didn't happen this year.

Until just three weeks ago there wasn't even a planning committee for the parade. The long-time organizer had stepped down and finally the local AMVET decided that something had to be done.

"Nobody wanted to step up. Even though we only had three weeks to plan and prep it we couldn't let it go by," said Thomas Henderson with AMVET.

AMVET faced a big challenge with the parade. With only three weeks to plan many of hte usual groups were committed elsewhere. But Henderson says they weren't discouraged.

"The parade was going to happen. Even if it was just going to be us."

The parade did happen, but it was a small one. Only 6 groups showed up to participate.

"We're honoring our veterans and that's the most important part," said Boy Scout Brendan Sharp. The Boy Scouts was one of the groups.

As for next year AMVET will coordinate it again.

"Its going to get better and better. Guaranteed because the AMVET will be running it," said Henderson.

AMVET is already asking for help and participants in next years parade.

You can contact Scott Gerych (517) 522-2042 for more information.

AMVET meets the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm.

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They are also looking for participants and help in the 4th of July parade as well.

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