UPDATE: Baby Bree Will Be Returned to Her Parents

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UPDATE: 12:15 PM

The court has decided that 8-month old Bree Green will be returned to the custody of her parents Steve and Maria Green after having been removed from their home more than a month ago.

They will pick up their daughter this afternoon from the care of her grandmother, where she has been staying, while her situation has been battled in court.

It was settled outside of court. As part of the agreement, Bree will have to undergo random drug tests. The state will conduct random home visits, and the Greens will attend parenting classes.

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LANSING (WILX)-- A hearing is scheduled for 11 am on Friday to determine whether Brielle Green can go back to her medical marijuana using parents.

News Tens Alyssa Fenske will be at the hearing this morning and will have the details tonight on WILX.

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