McCowan Murder Trial Continues With Father's Testimony

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LANSING (WILX)-- Randy McCowan took the stand again on Tuesday. Detailing what happened when his son came home that night, the night of Andrew Singler's death. The MSU student was fatally stabbed back in February, and the blood trail is leading back to suspect Connor McCowan.

"When he came home I could tell that he had been crying. He wanted me to hurry up and wanted to talk to me. He was talking quickly," said Randy.

Randy McCowan said his son told him that he had tried to confront Singler, and confessed that he had hurt him.

"He said that when the door opened he was hit three times, immediately. They got into a tussle and the roommate (Tyler Aho) tried to get in-between them. The next thing he knew his head was down, he said he was afraid he (Singler) was going to kill him and (he) cut him," said Randy.

Connor and his father went back to the apartment to check on Singler, but found caution tape surrounding the complex. Police arrested Connor when he and his father got back home.

"I told him not to make a statement. I would get an attorney for him," said Randy.

Randy's testimony on Tuesday conflicted with witness Tyler Aho's that Connor was hit once. But that's not the only statement from Randy that was inconsistent with what others had said. Randy also testified that Connor confessed to cutting singler once, but according to the autopsy Singler suffered two major stab wounds. Singler was fatally stabbed in the heart, and in the right arm.

Randy did admit in court that his son has anger issues, and but it had only once gotten out of hand.

"He didn't get aggressive towards me, but he did punch the wall," said Randy.

Crime scene investigators also testified in court on Tuesday. They'd found traces of blood in Connor's sweat pants pocket, and on the door handle of his vehicle. Although DNA couldn't directly connect it to Singler.

Connor McCowan's attorney did say the hit he suffered from Singler, combined with an earlier sports injury, could be a defense later on in this trial.

McCowan's mother may also take the stand.