UPDATE: McCowan Found Guilty of Murder; Victim's Family Speaks Out

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LANSING (WILX)-- Conner McCowan was found guilty Tuesday, of second-degree murder, in the death of Andrew Singler.

It took the jury six hours to reach the verdict, after two weeks of testimony.

As the verdict was being read Conner McCowan was emotionless, but as realization sunk in his family behind him broke down.

The McCowan family didn't wish to make any comments at this time, and neither did McCowan's attorney.

The family of Andrew Singler say the verdict has brought them a little bit of closure. On Tuesday they allowed Andrew's best friend, Brandon Green, to speak on their behalf.

"We're pleased with it. We think justice has been served."

Green tells us the trial wasn't easy for the Singler family.

"The good side of Andrew wasn't brought up in the trial. Everyone should know the picture painted by defense is not who Andrew was."

They would like Andrew to be remembered as they remember him.

"He was the most gentle nice person. He was kind, happy, go lucky. He was literally friends with everybody. No one ever had problems with him. It's just the saddest thing you can imagine."

Green, who knew McCowan as well, says he's happy to know that McCowan will be behind bars.

"I'm glad that he was brought to justice and that he will have to pay for what he did, but it's not going to bring my best friend back."

Prosecution believed they had a strong case from the start with text messages sent the night of the murder sealing McCowan's fate.

"I don't think we can underestimate the importance of the text messages, and how they played in the minds of the jury. (They) clearly showed intent on part of the defendant," said Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings.

Conner McCowan's sentencing will be early November.

Dunnings did add that, despite McCowan's young age and having no previous criminal history, he still faces "serious time" at his sentencing.

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