McLaren Greater Lansing to Buy Mid-Michigan Physicians

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McLaren Greater Lansing plans to buy Mid-Michigan Physicians. MMP is the largest practice in the Lansing area with more than 70 doctors, and 30 nurse practitioners, working in a 6-county area.

The head of MMP says the deal is in preliminary talks. The group has signed a letter of intent to sell to McLaren. He says its all about giving patients better care, and doctors more resources. Bill Hardimon, CEO, Mid-Michigan Physicians, said, “If you show up, you're my patient and you show up in the E.R., they can see the doctor's visit that you had the day before, what medications, tests you had. You don't have to duplicate those test results."

That’s just one way MMP says its patients will benefit if the group and McLaren become one. MMP’s doctors would be employed by the hospital, and the hospital would have a greater reach into the community. Rick Wright, President and CEO of McLaren Greater Lansing, says “As a hospital, we do employ some physicians, we have relationships with a lot, but we don't have enough relationships to really go out there and provide all the care that our population is expecting."

Both the hospital and MMP admit it’s an uncertain time for the health care industry. The new federal law has both doctors and hospitals looking for ways to deliver the best care for the best value. Hardimon says, “Patients will notice the benefit that the primary care physician is going to be managing all of their services. They're going to be working specifically with specialists that have relationships with their primary care physician." Wright adds, “That reduces the anxiety, the travel time, the frustration for patients, and just provides an overall better experience. plus, we think that its going to improve their outcomes.”

The hospital and MMP say they're aiming to have all the details hammered out, and the sale complete by summertime. We'll be following this story and keep you posted on what happens.

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