McLaren Greater Lansing: Smokers Need Not Apply

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McLaren Greater Lansing announces it will no longer hire people who use nicotine starting Friday.

"As a mid-Michigan health care leader, McLaren Greater Lansing has the ability to impact the well-being of hundreds of thousands of individuals through the direct care we provide and by the examples we set," said Floyd Chasse, vice president of human resources, McLaren Greater Lansing. "This new policy will create a healthier environment for our patients, caregivers, visitors and the entire community."

McLaren already screens potential employees for drugs and will add nicotine to the drug-testing panel. Anyone who tests positive will be ineligible for employment at McLaren.

Existing employees are not affected by the new policy, but the hospital will continue to offer resources to employees who want to quit.

Sparrow Hospital in Lansing implemented a nicotine-free policy on May 1, 2011. It only applies to new hires, but it actively encourages all their employees to be nicotine free.

Allegiance Health in Jackson has had a tobacco-free policy since July 2010. It includes patients, employees, staff, vendors and volunteers. They don't test new employees for nicotine, but new hires do have to sign off on the tobacco-free policy, which means they can't use tobacco during work hours.

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