Mayor Virg Bernero Preps for his State of the City Speech Despite Cold

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is seen in an Aug. 29, 2007 photo in Lansing, Mich. Bernero said Monday, Dec. 21, 2009 he plans to create an exploratory committee as he considers challenging Lt. Gov. John Cherry and others for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination next year. The former state lawmaker will file paperwork this week and plans to decide whether to enter the race early next year. (AP Photo/Lansing State Journal, Rod Sanford)
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LANSING (WILX) --You've heard the phrase 3rd times the charm, but how about the 8th time? Mayor Virg Bernero is going to give his 8th State of the City address to Lansing residents Monday, but this year he may not be his normal self.

The mayor has recently been sick he tells WILX, but not even the flu is going to stop him from giving his state of the city speech Monday night. Bernero was practicing for the speech Sunday and says he is feeling better, but isn't back to 100%.

"Lansing is powered up. Virg Bernero is getting powered up. I think I will be naturally excited and enthusiastic and adrenaline will get me through, adrenaline and Halls menthols," said Vernero.

Bernero says he will be addressing city crime in his speech. This year is already off to a bad start with two homicides in the first month.

"I have stood at the bedside of one too many victims of gun violence in this community. We need to all work together to try to solve that, but it's a continuing effort. There is no simple solution," said Bernero.

The hole in the cities budget is also going to be one of the issues Bernero says he plans to address.

"It's down to 9 million. It's still significant and we will have to continue to reinvent the government, but that's what we've been doing," said Bernero.

With every State of the City speech Bernero has a theme; this years will be "togetherness."

"We will be talking about the theme of regionalism as well. We sink or swim together. So if Delta township is adding jobs that's going to help the whole region. The automotive industry is going to help the whole region," said Bernero.

Bernero will give his speech at the Old Train Depot in REO Town. Chosen for it's location next to future Lansing development, the construction of the BWL power plant.

"Thats a 180 million dollar investment that is hitting REO town, not far from downtown Lansing so that should effect the neighborhoods all around in the REO town area."

The speech starts at 7 pm, airing live on WILX -10 and it will steam live here on

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