Mayor Defends Snow Removal in New York

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NEW YORK (AP) -- There's been a lot of scraping and shoveling today in the Northeast, where some areas were left with 18 inches of snow from a storm that moved through the region.
And in New York City, there's also been a lot of griping -- with some residents complaining that the snowplows didn't reach all of the streets where they were needed.
The new mayor, Bill de Blasio, is defending the response to a storm that he says caused a worse-than-expected headache when it ramped up at rush hour. He and the city's sanitation commissioner say the cleanup effort was robust, though they say it was complicated by traffic and by the storm's timetable -- making it harder to plow and spread salt.
De Blasio -- a Brooklyn resident who vowed during his campaign to close gaps between rich and poor city residents -- was asked why some Manhattan avenues, including some in the wealthy Upper East Side neighborhood, were still covered in snow when a Brooklyn thoroughfare was plowed clear to the pavement.
The mayor said, "No one was treated differently."
Parents, meanwhile, are grumbling over a late-night decision to keep the nation's largest public school system open today, even as schools in neighboring communities and other northeastern states were closed.

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