Mayor Bernero Vetoes Council's Budget

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Lansing City Council approved a list of cuts to help fill a $5.5 million budget gap instead of increasing BWL user fees to pay for street lights and fire hydrants. On Thursday, Mayor Virg Bernero vetoed all of the amendments.

"I presented them a fair, balanced and sensible budget. They gave me back something that needs a lot of work," said Mayor Bernero.

Council didn't want the proposed cold case detective position, while the mayor says it's a vital need. He also called a number of the changes short-sighted and ill-advised, including cuts to information technology.

"We're falling behind and we've got to invest in that, it affects everything that we do," said Mayor Bernero.

Council members want to issue a bond to help pay for road and sidewalk repairs and the mayor says the money must come out of the general fund.

"I'm not saying we never borrow, we never bond, but for this we have the ability to spend cash and that's exactly what we should do."

News 10 spoke to Council President Carol Wood and she says she's extremely disappointed since the changes were made after speaking with residents. She will try to override the veto during their meeting on June 3rd and she's urging residents to ask their council members to make that happen.

Six votes are needed to override the veto. Only five council members voted for the amendments.

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