Mason Family Builds Luge In Backyard

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Some folks in Mason take their love for the winter Olympics to a whole new level. They've built a massive luge track in their backyard. The Baker and Hines families decided they wanted to do more than just watch the Olympic games, they wanted in on the winter Olympic fever, so they put their heads together, and built a massive luge track in their own backyard-a luge that rivals any wild ride at a theme park.

Kids are getting an Olympic experience in their own back yard.

"Sometimes, we go inside and we get a snack and we say hey, you want to go outside?"

And no wonder they want to go outside. That's where their dads have built a home-made luge. The ice course is around 200 feet long, equipped with a tunnel, lined with tiki torches, stamped with the Olympic rings, even adorned with the Michigan State logo.

"Two tractors, both with front-end loaders. A lot of work, a lot of water and a lot of labor. It took about three days to build and a few hours a day icing it down," said Doug Hines.

They ice it down everyday so it's slick enough for kids and dads, even reporters like myself. In singles, doubles, and triples, they race down it. even the dogs are getting in on the action.

"It's really fun, especially with the aluminum sleds we have up there, you just fly down the course," said the kids.

But keeping the course running is no easy task. The dads do daily maintenance to make sure it's speedy and safe.

"It's been kind of a trial process as the weather changes and the snow gets on it speeds up and slows down. We've increased the turns down there," said Thad Baker.

But all that work--- well worth it according to the parents.

'I just think it's a memory maker. My kids will remember this forever. You can take them to a million places. You can take them on vacations. But this is at home, in their back yard, with their friends, and it's just fun," said Amy Hines, whose husband built the backyard luge.