Mark Schauer Admits He Voted in 2012 Republican Primary

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Mark Schauer may be running for Governor as a Democrat, but he voted Republican two years ago. He admitted Wednesday he voted in the 2012 Republican Primary. Schauer isn't saying which candidate he voted for. "There was no competition, there was nothing to vote for on the democratic side of the ballot," he told during a campaign stop in Lansing. President Barack Obama was running unopposed in the 2012 Democratic Primary, while Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were in a tight race in Michigan's Republican Primary. Romney won the state and went on to win the nomination. "I try not to miss any elections," Schauer said, but he doesn't encourage voters to cross over to the other party's primary. Ultimately, he said, it's up to each voter to decide. Republicans accuse Schauer of trying to undermine the voting process and call it an example of a career politician talking out of both sides of his mouth.

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