Marijuana Operation, Guns Found In Delhi Twp. Home After Woman Shoots Intruder

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A morning shooting in Delhi Township has neighbors on edge and a man in critical condition.

"It's movie-like almost," Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said. "I mean, how often do you go to a scene where you've got an intruder that's been shot by the homeowners, and he's laying handcuffed there ready to go? I mean, that's just very unusual."

Police responded to the home in the 4200-block of Holt Road around midnight Thursday and found the 20-year-old man handcuffed, beaten, with multiple gunshot wounds. Police said he forced his way in, and threatened the homeowners, Jason Terrill and Kari Smith, and their children, with a handgun. After a scuffle, Smith shot the man several times at point-blank range in the stomach with her handgun, and the man was also reportedly beaten with a baseball bat. Wriggelsworth said it could have been a robbery or drug deal gone wrong.

"The person didn't go there on accident," Wriggelsworth said. "He went there because he knew why he was going there"

The Sheriff's Office believes the man targeted the home for its supply of marijuana. Law enforcement found 57 marijuana plants growing in the home, along with five guns, including an AK-47 knock off. The Sheriff's Office is seeking charges against the homeowners for those items.

"At this point we don't know that he's licensed, and I think he was way beyond the number of plants you could have in the house," Wriggelsworth said. "You walked on the front porch and you could smell it, so it was that strong."

The homeowners' lawyer didn't want them to go on camera, but Smith and Terrill told News 10 they're legitimate medical marijuana growers. They didn't believe the suspect was after that supply.

Neighbors said they were suspicious about the home, and sometimes felt unsafe.

"We do know that there was a lot of activity going in and out of there a lot," neighbor Carl Acker said. "So, it makes a person wonder."

He said law enforcement have been to the home before, and now people new to the neighborhood are concerned.

"I just moved in, and now somebody gets shot?" Jennifer Price said. "It's kinda scary when you really don't know where you're living."

Wriggelsworth said this wasn't random though, and he understands the homeowners' reaction, especially with four kids in the house.

"Somebody forces their way into my house with a handgun, they're getting the same reception, I can tell you that much," Wriggelsworth said. "Whether they're growing marijuana or not."

Arrests won't be made until next week at the earliest, or until the man is stable enough in the hospital.

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