Scrap Metal For New Uniforms

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Grills, grills, grills and a shopping cart. That's what made up a majority of the scrap metal that was piled high outside Dewitt High School.

"We are collecting a lot of junk for our uniform fundraiser," fundraising chair, Lisa Moore, said.

The Dewitt High School band program has taken it upon itself to raise the money needed to buy new uniforms, something the school doesn't have in the budget.

"Well, they are rather expensive and because school budgets are rather limited, the amount of money departments get gets smaller and smaller every year," Moore said.

So, by collecting bird cages, golf clubs and a whole bunch of other junk, the band will try and reach the money needed to get new uniforms for all 143 band members, something that doesn't come cheap.

"Uniforms for a band this size, you're looking at about 45 to 55 thousand dollars," Moore said.

The band has been able to collect so much scrap metal that they had to call in a second dumpster and they're hoping that second container will give them more than just new uniforms.

"Our goals are pretty high," Dewitt band booster's president, Craig Kahler, said. "We're prety ambitious with our goals, we hope we can do it. Maybe have a little bit set aside so we're planning for the future as well."

But getting to fifty thousand dollars will take some time, but this effor today will put a large dent in the process. Today's efforts have raised a lot more than the can drive the band has already tried.

"We're hoping to raise close to twenty thousand dollars from this effort alone," Kahler said. "Where you can imagine twenty thousand dollars is 200 thousand pop cans."

But even if the band doesn't hit the financial goal just yet, there's more coming out of the scrap metal drive.

"This is going to be my first year of marching band and I can already tell I'm going to enjoy it a lot," one band member said.

And judging by the enthusiasm from the students, many of them are having fun.

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