Many Slide-Offs & Minor Accidents in Mid Michigan

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Road conditions as of 4:30pm (various county sheriff's departments)
- Jackson Co.
They've had non-stop accident calls since about 2 o'clock. Couldn't say how many-- several. They are currently working 5. Nothing too serious though. Snow is still coming down down pretty good. Roads open. traveling slow, a lot accidents.

- Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety:
Since about 2:30pm when it started getting really bad, Blackman-Leoni has been to about 15 accidents. Handling them as they come. No serious accidents. Lot of slide-offs, property damage. I-94, particularly bad east of Jackson. I-94 is where the majority of the slide-offs are. Lanes are still open, but moving slowly.

- Hillsdale County:
They're doing good. Snow is steady, but road crews seem to be keeping up with it on the main lines. Not a lot of accidents. Less than a dozen. No serious accidents.

- Ingham County:
Roads not great right. but nothing major to report right now. About 6 active accidents. Also some disabled vehicles. No road particularly hard hit.

- Eaton County:
Actually only a few weather related crashes/slide-offs. Cars going off road-- some hit trees, some hit rails, some hit other cars, but not many. Maybe about 6.

- Clinton County:
No trouble on the roads so far. All is well.

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