Manhunt for Ricky Wheeldon

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53-year-old Ricky Wheeldon has been on the run for five months and is still nowhere to be seen. He took off during his trial and shortly after, he was convicted for his role in a massive theft ring.

"A lot of those very obvious avenues were checked, properties were searched, family members were interviewed and contacted," said Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl.

Some tips even pointed the Jackson County Sheriff's Office to Florida, but so far, leads have dried up. For the company that signed off on Wheeldon's $500,000 bond, time is also running out.

"It is very much a lot of money but that's the risk you take as a bail bondsman," said Leo Urban, president of Leo's Bail Bonds.

Urban's company is on the hook to pay Jackson County that money if Wheeldon doesn't show up. Wednesday was the deadline, but Urban reached an agreeement to instead fork over a non-refundable $100,000 to buy an extra 60 days.

"You go home at night and that's all you do, you think about that. You don't sleep, you think about that and things run through your mind as to what did we miss," Urban said.

With so much at stake, Wheeldon has many trying to track his trail, including famed bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman who's listed him as a most wanted.

However, according to Undersheriff Kuhl, catching Wheeldon won't be easy.

"This individual was convicted of essentially running a criminal enterprise and in that case, you're probably going to have somebody that has far more resources, knowledge, contacts," said Undersheriff Kuhl.

At the same time, Leo's bounty hunters are not letting go, determined to bring Wheeldon into custody before their 60 days run out.

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