Man Shot Dead in Jackson, Police Looking for Suspects

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When Tonya Wallace returned home from grocery shopping, early Sunday morning, what she saw at the next apartment over shocked her.

"There were police all over the place," said Wallace. "They were behind the house, in front of the house, in the street. I put my groceries upstairs and came back downstairs. The police had blocked everything off and we couldn't leave."

Wallace and other concerned neighbors soon learned what happened.

"At approximately 12:15 a.m., on the day of November 18th, the police department responded to the 1100 block of First Street for shots fired," said Lt. Chris Simpson of Jackson Police. "Officers got there and discovered a body."

It was the body of 42-year-old Christopher Taylor of Jackson. Police say Taylor had been shot in the chest just a couple of hours earlier and that he was initially found by his girlfriend.

"We are treating this as a homicide," said Simpson.

Police say Taylor didn't own the apartment he was shot in, but he stayed there from time to time. A woman living in the apartment below said she heard three distinct gunshots.

"We're looking for suspects and also, potential witnesses who may have been in the residence at the time of the shooting," said Simpson. "As of right now, we don't have a suspect in custody."

Neighbors say, they are worried, but also angry. Rose Mary Heise has lived two doors down from the suspect apartment for 37 years and while she isn't planning on moving, she says the neighborhood is not what it used to be and incidents like this don't help.

"We try to take care of it and it makes me sad because it used to be a very nice place to live," said Heise.

Jackson Police are asking anyone with information on the incident to give them a call at (517) 788-4100.

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