Man Seeks Criminal Charges Against Jackson Police

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The video of the confrontation between Brandon Vreeland and Jackson Police has been uploaded to Youtube. Vreeland says he saw police performing a traffic stop on Sunday night and thought he heard the officers being "verbally abusive." That's when he took out a camera and started filming from the sidewalk. The video shows an officer demanding to see the footage and Vreeland refusing to comply. According to Vreeland, he was put in handcuffs and charged for obstructing an officer.

"Badges don't grant extra rights, police are not afforded extra rights just because of the badges they wear," Vreeland said.

Jackson Police Chief Matthew Heins says Vreeland had the right to film, but wouldn't comment further about the conduct of the officer.

"It's still too early for me to comment on what I believe occured, we are conducting internal investigation," said Chief Heins.

Did Vreeland break the law when he refused to show the footage? Cooley Law School Professor Charles Palmer says the police officer does have a right to seize the video if it contains evidence of a crime.

"It's hard to see how he was seizing evidence because you can't see any crime in the video," saide Prof. Palmer.

Vreeland has asked Michigan State Police to investigate the incident to file criminal charges against the officer. Charges against Vreeland have been dropped.

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