Making Snow at Hawk Island Park

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The snow guns are busy at work, making as much snow as possible between now and opening day of Hawk Island Snowpark.

"This is the first time anything like this has ever been done in an urban area," said Aengus McIntosh, the President of Friends of Ingham County Parks.

You won't need to drive hundreds of miles to hit the slopes, because Ingham County Parks is bringing the snow to you.

"This is designed for activities of all ages, all age groups," said McIntosh. "It's to bring people in and get them comfortable with these sports and, if they take it on the road to a ski resort, more power to them."

On one side of the massive hill there will be snowboarding with 15 rail jams. A tow rope in the middle of the hill will run people back up to the top. The other side will be covered with sledding and tubing.

The snow guns can run 24 hours a day if the humidity and temperature are right.

The park also recently acquired a $250,000 snow groomer that will spread the snow around.

"Going on the tubing hill, it was an absolute blast," said McIntosh. "I mean you sit down on the tube, [the tow rope] carries you up the hill and you go down the hill. I thought I would be here for a couple hours. I was here for seven or eight hours."

The snowpark will open once there is enough snow, which could be as early as Friday.

The cost ranges from a few dollars an hour to $99 for a season pass.

For a complete list of prices or more information visit:

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